Creating a reborn is not an easy job, it takes a lot of time and quality materials.  Reborns are collection dolls and have to be treated carefully. They are not suitable for children.



Materials are important in the creation of a reborn, since they must persist in time.

I use Genesis Heat Set Paints (GHSP). They set in the vinyl with heat and never fade trhough the time if you care the doll properly.  Paint is applied in several layers to create a depth skin appearance, mottling, effects, blotchs, veins...  Personally I like protect the vinyl with a final layer of matte varnish, (Genesis Matte Varnish) that give texture to the skin and prevent from shine.

Brushes are a very important thing too.  I use Rembrandt brushes from natural hair.  For the skin texture I use cosmetic sponges.

Stuffing is very important, it makes that the reborns feel 'real'.  I never use sand on my babies, only glass granules or micro glass beads.



Hair quality makes that the reborn look realistic and persist in the time if you are carefull.  I always use quality Mohair, Yearling or Kid Mohair.  For rooting the hair I use needles in different sizes, from 42 to 46 gauge.



I always choose the clothes for my babies depending of the age, size and character of the baby.  Accesories are important too, like pacifiers, they would look nice with the face's baby.



My babies always will travel safe, they be well packed and their head and limbs are protected in order to prevent from knocks.  They all have a personalized birth certificate, and a exclusive Silvia Creations shipping box.